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Calories this, calories that…

I get asked a lot if 1200 calories is an adequate amount of food for weight loss. This seems to be a daily calorie intake that a lot of people turn to when they have weight loss as their goal.

So is it enough? If you weigh around 58kg and are pretty inactive then maybe. For those who weigh more and are active, yes I’m sure you will lose weight, initially maybe, but at some point you will hit a wall, (if you haven’t already). 1200 calories is not a lot of food, and if you have a very active workout program, this is in no way going to be enough to fuel that level of activity, and give you the results you need. Plus on the flip side, you may feel hungry a lot of the time, (I know I would be on so few calories). When we are hungry our bodies can become stressed, which will then cause the release of cortisol….which, in a nut shell, is going to make fat loss hard!!!
You need to eat to lose weight, you need to eat to build lean tissue, you need to eat to perform at 100% peak performance. Just eat the right things, clean food, fresh produce, good healthy fats. Not all calories are create equally, so when you are eating a low calorie diet, the chances are you aren’t eating enough of the foods that your body actually needs.
Its the hardest part of leading a healthy lifestyle and the most confusing for some. It doesn’t have to be though, any questions get in touch ‪#‎eatwell‬

Sleepy head…

Are you getting enough sleep?  If you aren’t then you could be holding onto those extra pounds that you have been trying so desperately to shift.  The problem we have when we are sleep deprived, is the stress that comes with it.  Feeling tired and having to cope with children, a heavy workload or daily…

J Lo Booty

After a conversation with a client yesterday, todays blog post it about ‘butts,’ or least working on our butts.  Are you happy with your behind?  So many people I speak to aren’t happy, they want a bigger, fuller, more toned bottom, or, as my clients called it today, a ‘J-Lo butt.’   The problem with…



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