Excuses, excuses…

I was flicking through Facebook, eating my lunch, when I came across a motivational quote that someone had posted in a group I follow. Here is the quote:

‘An hour workout is 4% of your day, no excuses.’

Now, I personally find this quite motivating, I think it puts into perspective just how much time there is in a day, and how to find time to fit a workout in.

However, a lady on the group wasn’t quite so convinced. She was a young mother of two small kids, and yes I have been there, and yes it is hard. The thing was, she got quite narky, even a little bit rude at the guy who had posted this quote, saying that she found it patronising, she couldn’t afford a creche, she had no time, and when her kids were sleeping she was doing housework or sleeping, etc etc, (all this whilst on Facebook by the way, which I found quite ironic.)

Now, I didn’t comment, as I really didn’t want to unleash the beast that was lying within this woman, I don’t think that any amount of motivation was going to convince her that everything she was saying, was just one excuse after another.

Yes having children is hard, finding time for yourself is hard when you have little ones, but so is dealing with ill health or trying to lose those extra pounds, and the longer it is left the worse it gets and the harder it gets to get on top of. The housework would still be there tomorrow, but so would those extra pounds, and I know which of the two is worse for your health!

Having young children is no excuse, there are lots of workouts on youtube where mothers include their children in one way or another, working out doesn’t have to involve a creche, or an expensive gym package. It can be simple, it can be free, and it can also set a foundation into your children that taking care of your body and your health is important.

I do feel that when people get so angry like this lady did today, that she would actually benefit from letting off some steam by having a workout. After all exercise is the best medicine.

I don’t think for one minute that the poor chap today had intended on being patronising, and neither am I, but sometimes we can all get caught up in our own vicious little cycle where there doesn’t seem to be a way out.

Think outside the box, try something new, but stop making excuses. Start making a change!

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Photography by BEN SIMMONDS