Clinical Weight Loss


Clinical weight loss can be a lengthy process, with the initial appointment being the longest, it will include a lot of paperwork, and discussions around the clients weight loss and diet history and their current and previous nutritional habits.

The first session will involve the client having their weights, measurements and body composition taken for the first time and we would then look to set realistic goals in realistic time frames.

Through follow up appointments the clients food diary would be assessed and analysed at each session, along with weights and measurements that had been previously taken. The clients metabolism would be assessed and all personal plans reviewed. The client would be helped to promote change and given tips and advice along their journey.

Food intolerance will be assessed in order to establish any possible problems that this May have been causing previously. These results can be taken to the clients GP and be the possible startup point for some medical assistance if required.

The clients stress will be addressed and a personality test given to gauge if these factors have been a contributing factor to previous failed attempts at weight loss.

The support is ongoing and with this in mind a block booking is recommended for optimum results.

In no circumstances can Excel Fitness guarantee weight loss, in some cases medical issues could pose a problem and more in depth treatment via a GP could be needed. What Excel Fitness will do is the best it can to pin point issues that, in most cases, will have prevented weight loss previously and aid the client in over coming these issues.

The option to add exercise is available and can be discussed in the initial appointment. All enquiries and information are confidential at all times.

Clinical Weight Loss Pricing

Pay as you go option
Per Session: £25

Block booking options
5 sessions £120
10 sessions £200

Frequency of appointments would vary between clients, but in most cases in the early stages they would be fortnightly and then become monthly as time progressed.



Photography by BEN SIMMONDS