Online Training

30 Day Fat Blast

This is a high intensity cardio program designed to blast calories and unwanted body fat. With a mixture of cardio and strength training you will receive a full body workout, and expect to shed pounds and work all major muscle groups. With full online support you can be sure to stay motivated throughout. Let Excel Fitness help you to build a better version of yourself.

Cost: £20

The program works with a 6 day workout system, followed by a 1 rest day, you will be given the workouts to do twice daily, with a cardio and a strength workout to be completed each day. Nutritional information and advice will be given to ensure that you get the best results from the program.

The only thing stopping you from achieving the results you want is you…get in touch today to start blasting that fat!!!


Online training programs are available

  • Weekly workout sent across
  • Nutritional advice following online nutritional assessments
  • On going support for the 10 week period
  • A program that is specific to your goal and individual to you
  • Access to a clients only Facebook page
  • Newsletters

Cost for a 10 week program: £100



Photography by BEN SIMMONDS