Forever a student…

Do you ever feel like the learning process never stops?  Just when you think its all over there is something new to learn?  The fitness world must be one of the professions that has a never ending learning process.  If we aren’t learning from our different clients, we are enrolling in new courses to better ourselves and be able to give our clients the best experience possible when it comes to their fitness package.


Now this is by no means a moan,  I actually love the fact that I have to keep learning, new classes,  nutrition,  new equipment,  anything thats thrown at me, I would give it a go if I thought it would be beneficial in some way to any of my clients and my career.  I have and still do, love learning the nutrition side of this business.  Its so deep and complex and a constant learning curve.  Food can be your best medicine, or your worst poison,  and having the power to teach clients this and educate them on the best way to go with their diets is great.  No two clients are the same,  you can give them generic information but in most cases this will need to be tweaked and personalised in order for it be effective for them.


Anyone who knows me personally will know that ultimately my favourite things to learn happen every 3 months.  Being a Les Mills instructor for Bodypump and the Les Mills Grit Series means that I regularly have to learn new choreography for my classes I teach.  It is quite time consuming, but that doesn’t matter when you feel passionately about something,  taking the time to perfect your teaching so that your class gets the best experience is what matters,  scripting,  practising, listening to the music over and over so you know the changes like the back of your hand is all part of it.  Tomorrow marks the launch of Grit Cardio at Wellington Sports Centre,  a class I know our members will love.  These last few weeks have been spent getting stuck into it and I can’t wait to see their faces tomorrow when they try it for the first time.  It will make all those hours of learning worth it!!


The never ending learning process means I get to keep it fresh and current and stop things from getting stale.  No one wants to do the same thing over and over again, they want results,  and some people want to have fun while they train.


This year is generally going to have lots more exciting new pathways, I can’t wait to be able to bring these your way, and will keep you updated.  If you want to hear first hand about any up and coming offers then sign up for the Excel Fitness mail list so you do not miss out!!


For now, enjoy your weekend, and why not try something new and different to keep your learning process fresh!!!

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Photography by BEN SIMMONDS