Kids Play…

On Tuesday I went to my son and daughters school to give a talk on nutrition, and an exercise class to the year 4 pupils. I had roughly 50 kids in the room, (a scary concept prior to turning up.)

What had made me quite nervous actually turned into an awesome afternoon, I am used to having a roomful of adults for Bodypump or Grit, but kids are sooooooo different. However 50 odd 8-9 year olds were like a roomful of sponges and I loved it. There is nothing better than educating people, not in an ignorant way, but in the way that you know that they will take some of what you said and it will make a difference. They were very inquisitive and gave good answers to my questions….and also gave it their all when it came to the workout, (which by the way was a mini bootcamp.) Some of them even held a plank for 2 minutes which was very impressive.

I know they were only 8 and 9, but somethings you are told at that age really stay with you, you remember things that are said and sometimes they can become a part of who you are. I am hoping that some of what we spoke about did stick a bit. Especially the nutrition stuff, getting kids to understand the importance of healthy eating from a young age is important, and I am hoping that some of them went home that night and asked for some veg…or is that asking too much??

Even as we get older its never too late to find out more about the nutrition side of things and know what is best to put into your body and what to avoid. If you have any questions let me know,

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Photography by BEN SIMMONDS