Lets get motivated!!!!!

How cold is it today?  Stepping foot out of the door at 6.15am for PT this morning certainly woke me up!!  It is so hard to get motivated when its cold outside, the thought of leaving a warm house, a warm bed, a warm car…and hitting an air conditioned gym isn’t very appealing for some.  The mind is a funny thing, it can easily talk you out of doing the right thing, even if the right thing is important to you.


Think about how much you want to look great in your bikini this year, think about how desperately you want to fit into that old pair of jeans….how you want to see more definition in your body….and then think about how easily you can convince yourself to stay on the sofa….to get a take away….to drink 4 bottles of wine.  Its almost like we self destruct some days.  The mind is such a powerful thing, and knowing how to get the better of it can only bring good rewards.


Always have your goal in the back of your mind, remind yourself why you have set your goal, think about how you would feel after the wine, after the takeaway, after some chocolate….would you feel satisfied, or would you feel disappointed in yourself?  Do you really need it, or are you wanting it because of habit or because you are bored?  When you crave things or feel the need to sabotage your own progress, it is important to realise what emotions you are feeling at that time.  Some people will feel like comfort eating when they are sad, or tired.  Knowing what can trigger these cravings is important, but whats more important is finding ways to deal with them instead of reaching for food, or alcohol, or using the cold weather as an excuse to stay inside and eat junk food!!!  Make yourself busy, find something else to do instead of reaching for the biscuit tin, go for a walk, interact with your family, tidy your house.  Being able to override your own thought process is a powerful thing,  it feels good when you know that you don’t have to succumb to the cravings, you are stronger than them!!!


So the best way to get warm when you are cold, (I think,) is to work your butt off,  not only will you warm up really quickly, but you will also feel awesome after.  So when its cold like today,  pull on some gym clothes, grab your trainers and get your heart rate up and you will not only be keeping on track with your goals, but you will be beating the cold weather!!!  Step away from the biscuits!!!



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Photography by BEN SIMMONDS