Struggling to lose weight?

Losing weight is a simple equation,  your energy intake, (your daily calories eaten), needs to be lower than your energy expenditure, (your daily calories burned).  Now for some of us this may not be as simple as it looks.  There can be lot of other factors that can play a part in this…the fact that not all calories are created equally is one.  How we cook our food is another…but what if there were even more reasons that were stopping you from losing body fat?


Who do you actually blame for those extra pounds that you are carrying?  Yourself? If you do blame yourself then the chances are you will be successful in your weight loss goal…however, if you are constantly blaming other people for your gains, then there could be a problem.  Saying ‘you had pizza because your boyfriend bought it for you’, is passing the buck.  You didn’t have to eat it, you chose to because you lacked the willpower to refuse.  So you see, taking responsibility for your actions is really important, saying the words, ‘I had pizza last weekend because I decided to,’ means you take the blame, it was no one else’s fault but yours, no one made you do it.  It sounds harsh, but so many people try to take the blame away from themselves, and in fact, taking that responsibility could actually make your goal much more successful.


A simliar scenario is people wanting the results but being too lazy to really work hard enough to do anything about them.  We have all been there, if only we could just click our fingers and have our perfect body.  The thing is, anything worth having is really not that easy,  are you leaving the gym in a red sweaty mess? Thats working for it.  put everything you have into your workout, and if you aren’t sure how or what to do then, then hire someone to help you.  Some people cannot physically push themselves that hard on their own, and thats fine, but don’t be the person wishing for your dream body while everyone else is working their butt off for theirs.


Something I also see a lot is people planning for the end, the end of their goal, the end of their gym membership, surely these things are ongoing.  Ok you may reach one goal, but then another goal will begin.  Fitness is a journey, one which will take you on many different routes, planning for it to finish is setting yourself up for failure.  Look to the long term, a healthier lifestyle, with lots of different plans, it can be a fun journey, fitness doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous, so don’t plan to finish, plan to keep it going for as long as your body will let you.


The last one which I really struggle to understand is the excuses.  ‘Life is hard, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money?’ Sound familiar?  We have all at some point used an excuse of some kind,  its human nature.  We moan about trivial things, and the reality is, that there are people out there that have real problems, cancer, disability, poverty, homelessness.  You get the picture, things that would warrant a good moan.  Don’t use excuses to stop you from hitting your goals.  ‘My life is hard?’  So suck it up, think about those who are worse off than you.  ‘I don’t have the time?’  Then set your alarm for an hour earlier than normal, there are 24hours in a day, a workout is 4% – find the time!! ‘I don’t have the money?’  Then workout at home, or go for a run in the great outdoors….There are NO EXCUSES, only the ones that you convince yourself to be there.  If you really ask yourself honestly why not? Maybe you are scared, maybe you are unsure, but both of those things are ok, be brave and take a step towards building a better version of yourself!!!




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Photography by BEN SIMMONDS